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History Repeated

In anticipation that the U.S. Federal Reserve would raise interest rates this coming fall, new generation American economy is growing at a fastest pace in nearly two years helped by strong dollar, partially by lower oil prices, and return on equity from technology-related stocks.

Parallel is the euro-zone growth despite problems with consumer spending and ongoing debt crisis in Greece, which makes for 2% of the European Union’s gross countries product.

Finance ministers from the Group of Seven industrial nations and central bankers are talking on global growth and tensions over China’s claim to economic power. Although industrial countries are willing that yuan be added to IMF’s basket of currencies, the U.S. and Japan are more cautious.

Posted in company, funds, sectors, tickers

U.S. Stocks Rebound

SuperValu Inc (SVU) grocery chain was boosted sharply upward on January 8 after revised earnings estimates. The stock now is “strong buy” with Zacks Investment Research Inc, and since March 31 has surged to $11.63 from $9.29.

SuperValu measure up with larger-cap picks in the hedge fund portfolio of Jana Partners LLC of New York, namely Starz (STRZA), Lions Gate Entertainment Corp (LGF), and Pinnacle Foods Inc (PF).

Few investors are enthusiastic enough to buy underrated stocks that are considered too far out of the mainstream. Yet the rationale behind reviewing such stock picks is simple: it’s generally a lot easier for a $5 stock to go to $10 than for a $50 stock to go to $100.