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Microsoft in New Era Markets

Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) is more focused on Internet-based products and services than its previous licensed programs. In third quarter the world’s biggest software maker had revenue pick up 6% to $21.70 billion from $21.57 billion a year ago. Earnings per share, excluding certain one-time costs, came in at 61 cents compared to estimates of 51 cents.

Confidence of business productivity is coming along streamlining workforce, acquisitions, and paring units not central to the company’s core strategy. More job reductions are seen to affect the hardware group among other parts of its business. While walking away from Web displays and advertising such as videos, banners and graphic images, Microsoft aims at better mobile and cloud computing, PCs, and extended partnerships.

Platform-based security solutions remain important negotiable results, just as venture capital funding for educational and natural sciences projects. Peers in cloud server sales DigitalOcean Inc and CipherCloud Inc have been very successful.



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