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Baby-Boomer Unemployment Down

In the U.S. most recent unemployment rate hovered around 5.50% this year returning from higher levels during the first half of 2008. Between 2008 and early 2012 unemployment jumped above 9% as technology companies eased back with innovations. Furthermore, there were more businesses that reshuffled domestic and international concept, human resource, and operations.

Mostly longer life expectancy is retaining hold of jobs in the health care industry, just as in social assistance and education. More graduates in the financial services industry have started up new companies or been working as self-employed professionals. Farmers gained from government funding and self-employment.

Pending retirement of the baby-boomer generation, the U.S. continues to be world’s largest national economy with GDP of $17.84 trillion as of second-quarter 2015 or 22% of nominal global countries’ product and 17% of global purchasing power product.



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