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Safety Companies

There are approximately ninety global companies that manufacture fire-fighting vehicles and related products, such as tanks and deposits, extinguishers, hoses, foam equipment, and rescue clothing. One industry leader is Iturri Group that also provides – via subsidiary Protect-Fire SA based in Spain – high-risk firefighting installations to keep safety requisites in plants, in the petrochemical and power energy sectors. Orlando-based Allied Specialty Vehicles Inc provides custom-built ambulances, emergency vehicles, in addition terminal tractors, recreation specialty vehicles, sweepers for the rental and paving industries, school and commercial buses.

Today’s young investors also watch over home automation manufacturers, such as Control4 Corp (CTRL) which makes thermostats, lights, locks, garage doors. Further to the safety market’s inquiries, insurance companies have registered more policies as a result of increased multinational risks of geopolitical attacks and terrorism, and reacting measures against it.



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