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Human Resources

Beginning 21st century, planning and technology into human resources’ needs make for the most important underlying factor – of both theoretical and practical development – behind the areas of benefits administration, human resource management, psychology integration, regulatory compliance, training, recruiting, risk estimation, and payroll. From small teams to companies employing more than 200 people, management, consulting, and measurement include – focus on internal resources and core business, better benefits and services, and switching providers for better service – to save money. The world’s top consulting companies with long functional human resources departments are PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, KPMG LLP, Ernst & Young LLP, and Deloitte Consulting LLP. Income fees in audit and accounting jumped last year despite EU rules to introduce greater competition. Beginning June 2016 companies are required to switch accountants at least every ten years, while auditors may be banned from offering certain advisory services to the same client.

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Croissants & Cookies

Freshly baked cookies and croissants of all kinds are easily bought round the corner by people who live in major U.S. cities. How do cafés manage international franchises? Equally well, it seems. One lesser known restaurant owner is Panera Bread Co (PNRA) – headquartered in Saint Louis, Missouri, owns and franchises bakery cafes throughout the U.S. Its third quarter was hurt by the removal of two long-running panini sandwiches and higher up-front labor costs. But the restaurant owner is trading shares at $190.75, up +9.12% to date. Overall margins contracted as the bakery invested in wireless Internet technology and customized Panera 2.0. A group of six other restaurants had a median EBITDA margin expansion of 14% in the latest quarter, said.

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Kim Hin Industry Berhad

Malaysia’s largest tiles manufacturer Kim Hin Industry Berhad (KHI:MK) is publicly traded since July 1992. The company based in Kuching makes and sells floor and wall tiles of homogeneous and mono types. It trades building materials, and invests in property, and also leases property and produces ceramic wares. After acquiring an established Australian brand last year, the group is now boosting exports and sales to an expected annual of $83.40 million.

Back in 1992, Kim Hin diversified its product range by making fine china bone and stoneware products with help from subsidiary Miyama Ceramics and joint venture Miyama Co Ltd. Paper cartons were also targeted products. So Malaysian Pacific Industries Berhad invested to tap Asian markets as well as the group’s own use. This year shares are up +67% to $0.48 to date placing the group’s market cap at $67.16 million.