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Kim Hin Industry Berhad

Malaysia’s largest tiles manufacturer Kim Hin Industry Berhad (KHI:MK) is publicly traded since July 1992. The company based in Kuching makes and sells floor and wall tiles of homogeneous and mono types. It trades building materials, and invests in property, and also leases property and produces ceramic wares. After acquiring an established Australian brand last year, the group is now boosting exports and sales to an expected annual of $83.40 million.

Back in 1992, Kim Hin diversified its product range by making fine china bone and stoneware products with help from subsidiary Miyama Ceramics and joint venture Miyama Co Ltd. Paper cartons were also targeted products. So Malaysian Pacific Industries Berhad invested to tap Asian markets as well as the group’s own use. This year shares are up +67% to $0.48 to date placing the group’s market cap at $67.16 million.



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