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Year-end Outlook

Following often non-logical trading months, the S&P 500 index is flat for the year. Driven by heavily weighted stocks, two-thrids of the S&P 500 stocks were trading 87% to 67% below their 52-week highs as of November 23. In this difficult time however, Inc (AMZN) was up 112%, Microsoft Corp (MSFT) +15%, General Electric Co (GE) +20%, Facebook Inc (FB) +37%, and JP Morgan Chase & Co (JPM) +8%. If one had equally weighted all the stocks in the index, it would have been down -1.9%.

Investing in advanced economies today is ever more important in sectors of transportation, defense, urban infrastructure, agriculture, and healthcare in addition to the production and exploration of oil, natural resources and raw materials. The technology sector is leading most countries’ production and export-to-import growth ratios in times of stunning innovations, such as the Android and ecosystems’ access to online data and communications. The biotechnology sector continues to require investors’ greater patience and the pay-offs are strong.

Microsoft introduced a laptop-tablet hybrid named the Surface Book shrinking its display and extending battery lifetime. The company’s first compatible Windows 10 smart phones are now sold as well. Users can plug the devices to an adaptor that connects to their desktop monitor and lets them view the phone like a regular PC. Also, the cameras feature a 20-megapixel rear screen for optical image stabilization.

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Emerging, Smaller, Better

Investing in emerging markets has slowed down significantly, according to Kramer Capital Research, in the BRIC group of countries Brazil, Russia, India, and China in the face of loans growth and lower-risk access to credit. Once they were seen as a combined cyclical and sector opportunity to downsize any international investment risk.

In view of value clarity and attracting more investors, U.S. media and advertisement mogul Liberty Media Corp (LMCA) will be dividing stock into three new tracking groups, while Hewlett Packard Inc (HPQ) recently span into two separate companies. HPQ now owns the legacy PC and printer unit, Hewlett Packard Enterprises Co (HPE) is developing new servers and cloud technologies.

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Ambitious Contracts

Trading contracts depend on investor’s personal risk tolerance and financial situation. In every case a long-looking portfolio will include retail, technology, insurance and real estate, and leisure stocks – and the more winning companies the better your sector outcome. Recent ambitious gainers that floated atop of recession are retailer Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (BABA), camera devices provider GoPro Inc (GPRO), maker of digital games King Digital Entertainment plc (KING), and loans issuer LendingClub Corp (LC).

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Fast-Paced Gains

In the past two weeks, a bundle of companies posted strong double-digit gains worth mentioning. Investors kept their long positions in IBM Corp (IMB), Apple Inc (APPL) and technology-related stocks of innovative value.

Uni-Select Inc (UNS:CN) based in Canada reported steady third-quarter financial results in both its 1) automotive and 2) paint and related products businesses. Sales increased 4% to $276.2 million since the previous nine months. Consolidated revenue was offset by net asset sales of the company’s U.S. branch and weaker Canadian dollar.

Uber Technologies Inc, the world’s most valuable private technology company, hired a policy veteran to decide what rules the company would play by across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The new vice president of public policy and communications was formerly employed with Snapchat Inc and Alphabet Inc (GOOG).