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Gildan Acivewear Inc

There are more than 2000 suppliers and manufacturers of towels and related fiber products. In what is a very dynamic industry, domestic cotton production for one has dropped 70% since its peak in 1997 because of automation and competition from imported textile and apparel products.

Companies of various value pretence are competing on the market, including Gildan Acivewear Inc (GIL) of current $7.59 billion and Unifi Inc (UFI) of $533.84 million.

The U.S. textile output has not yet recovered from the sharp downturns of 2008 and 2009. In a positive note, it generated $57 billion in foreign shipments in 2013, or 5% more than the prior year.

Tifico Fiber (TFCO. JK) is based in Indonesia and primarily engaged in manufacturing polyester fibers. On the other end of the apparel cycle are retailers like Paris-based Kering SA (KER: FP), the luxury designer of Gucci, Puma and other clothes and footgear brands.

Posted in company, funds, sectors, tickers

2016 Stocks to Watch

As Internet access and services continue to expand, the government treated broadband as a public utility for the first time.

Cable and telecom industry groups appeal against regulations that forbid online content from being blocked or channeled into fast and slow lanes.

Find here a list of “stocks to watch in 2016,” in addition to online companies discussed in the blog earlier.