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Demonstrators Scuffle

The geopolitical and economic tensions worldwide do not present social media illusion but rather a reality that is drawing various pro-historic meaning and norms. Beginning 21st century protests in Portugal started in relation to unpaid tax returns and the economy’s austerity measures after long-established regularity in the government’s executive policies and growth. On November 15, 2015, a peaceful demonstration taking place in the centre of Lille, northern France, was interrupted by extreme right-wingers appearing to belong to the Front National. At the same time European countries are coping with unprecedented arrival of Migrants from Syria and other parts of the Middle East, South Asia and Africa.

The solidarity march in Paris in November was disrupted as news came that at least one of the terrorists responsible for the attacks was a Syrian refugee.

Demonstrators in cities across Italy scuffled with the riot policemen in July 2015 during a protest march in Milan where students walked against tax hikes, refugee camps, social reform and economy stagnation.

The United Nations is now supporting 40,000 people starving at blockaded towns during the ongoing Syrian civil war. Its convoy supplies enough food for a month in addition to blankets and medicines.



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