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Big-Data More Intuitive

Tableau Software Inc (DATA), Qlik Technologies Inc (QLIK), and Demandware Inc (DWRE) compete with larger software providers like IBM Corp (IBM), Microsoft Corp (MSFT), and SAP SE (SAP).

E-commerce software spending in the U.S. will nearly double by 2019, with larger companies spending $2.09 billion, up from $1.204 billion in 2014. That is a 12% compound annual growth rate. Spending on related implementation and maintenance services will rise to $9.78 billion in 2019 from $5.12 billion in 2014.

Outsourcing to vendors will also increase. The niche of advanced and predictive analytics is seen rising to $3.4 billion in 2018 from the calculated $2.2 billion in 2013. The cyber security market reached $75 billion in 2015, and it is projected to grow 9.8% annually to 2020, or $170 billion.

Global big-data has been growing by 18.55% from annual revenue of $14.26 billion in 2014. Deploying various vehicles and linking tools, software technologies and services may reach $23.76 billion in 2016. The broader support industry may have tapped $50.1 billion in 2015, according to research reports. Software and hardware tools continue to match intuitive and user-friendly interfaces.

Microsoft will release a new customer-relationship management product during the second quarter this year. The new features will include intelligence hosting within three main paths: dynamics online update, dynamic marketing, and social engagement. MSFT acquired FieldOne Systems LLC and Adxstudio Inc, so bringing in field technology and community data, respectively.

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Market Update

Home Depot Inc (HD) joined the biggest gainers among the Dow components after its shares increased 1.4%, following better-than-expected earnings results. The index increased 0.3% on Wednesday due to a late rebound in oil prices, which had a positive impact on material and energy stocks.

The Energy Information Administration reported that overall gasoline demand increased more than 5% year-over-year in the past four weeks. The Dow moved upward following gains in United Technologies Corp (UTX) and Apple Inc (AAPL) by 2.2% and 1.5%, respectively.

Elsewhere, Kraft Heinz Co (KHC) beat on earnings and revenue as the food giant continues with its savings program while also expanding organic product margins. Fourth-quarter earnings were 62 cents a share on revenue of $7.12 billion.

Anheuser Busch Inbev SA/NV (BUD) missed forecasts on revenue facing pressure from falling currencies in emerging markets. But the Belgium brewer said it’s still on track to take over London-based SABMiller Plc (SUB.L) later this year.

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Public Debuts

Silver Run Acquisition Corp (SRAQU), the investment firm targeting to buy assets of oil and gas companies, sold 450 million shares at $10 each in an initial public offering (IPO) that allowed for unit warrant buying of $16 per class A share.

There were four other IPOs so far this year. Neurological medicine provider Avexis Inc (AVXS) offered at $20 per share, cancer therapies developer Beigene Ltd (BGNE) at $24, and wellness products maker P-Kay Boutiques Inc (PKAY) at $1 per share. In addition, Proteostasis Therapeutics Inc (PTI), the researcher to control protein biosynthesis, launched 6.25 million shares at $8 each.

In 2015, a total of twenty-two companies debuted on the U.S. stock market. Upcoming in March are asset reorganization firm KLR Energy Acquisition Corp (KLREU) and Syndax Pharmaceuticals Inc (SNDX), the therapies developer against multiple cancer, at $149.50 million and $80.96 million, respectively.

Crude prices bounced off a technical level just below $31 in the past week. Related securities Energy Select SPDR Fund (XLE) was up $0.34 or +0.60% to $57.23 on Friday, United States Brent Oil Fund LP (BNO) up $0.03 or +0.27% to $11.05, United States Oil Fund LP (USO) down $0.02 or -0.23% to $8.78.

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Sector Earnings

Apple Inc (AAPL), Alphabet Inc (GOOG), and Facebook Inc (FB) make for the topmost listings on the S&P 500 in times when the rock-solid knots of ExxonMobil Corp (XOM) or IBM Corp (IBM) are already unstringing.

Valuations of technology-related companies continue to reshuffle industries through the volatility and sale-testing of new products and services: in the enterprise computer clouding, biotechnology or wellness training for some.

The oil sector is the maximum drag on the total index’s earnings, that are the combined reported results from 345 members and estimates of the remaining 155 firms. Combined earnings in 2015 fourth quarter are projected to decline by -6.5% on -4% lower sales in comparison to the previous year.

Energy earnings plunged -79.4%, basic materials -23%, industrial products -17.9%, and aerospace -13%. Transportation earnings grew at +14.4%, medical +9.1%, autos +8.2%, finance +3.1%, consumer discretionary +0.8%, and construction +0.2%. Technology earnings declined to -1.2% but technology revenue was up +1.7% higher.

Most companies in the index beat research estimates that had been more subdued across all sectors, and towards cash-flow and forward ratios.

Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc (BRK-A) opened a new 26.5 million stake in pipeline operator Kinder Morgan Inc (KMI). Billionaire investor George Soros also sensed opportunity there and purchased over 50,000 shares of KMI and added 685,000 shares of Baker Hughes Inc (BHI).

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Below $5

Anadigics Inc (ANAD) now sits at $0.75 per share as the integrated circuits maker is to get acquired by private company GaAs Labs LLC for 35 cents a share. A competing bidder may offer 78 cents a fully-diluted share in cash. Anadigics has been incurring losses over the last few quarters and its revenues have dropped.

Net loss in the third quarter narrowed to -$6.16 million from -$6.67 a year ago while revenues fell to $12.12 million from $18.87 million.

XLI Technologies Inc (XLIT) currently sits at $1.03 per share as the printed light sheets provider expects shares to rebound. Founded in 2015 and backed by Hollywood media experts, XLIT has exclusive distribution rights to the U.S. entertainment industry and the automotive industry. A target price of $2.60+ is seen upon second-round share unloading, and +$3 along with its December sales statement.

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Reloading Stocks

Rebalancing investment portfolios amid burn-out days is already the usual market take-off. Looking into pension accounts now complements the importance to unload stocks and bet safer on bonds in January and early February.

Enhanced pension flexibility in the U.K. has shed greater transparency to insurance products like the broad types of annuity. U.S. investors in 401(k) can place a portion of their account into an annuity but after-tax money might disappoint later in retirement.

In a charitable account one would make tax-deductible donations and then receive a portion as income stream. On the other hand some variable annuities may tie investors down 4% to 3% annual fees and up to 15 years or longer surrender penalties.

For now, U.S. shares failed to erase losses last week and so sent the S&P 500 index to its lowest level since 2014. World equities descended, oil prices slid to a 12-year low, while the Japanese yen climbed. London-based Barclays Plc (BCS) talked about fluctuations in its exchange traded notes related to crude oil prices.

Companies in the sectors of financial services, utilities, infrastructure and household services usually take in the greatest percentage stake in mutual funds and ETFs as well. Therefore among favorable traders’ picks are homebuilder PulteGroup Inc (PHM) and industrial engineering provider Kennametal Inc (KMT), according to

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Logic Price-to-Earnings

Cisco Systems Inc (CSCO) boasts a strong innovation business and future cash flows. The company is shifting to high-end switches and routers and investing in new products such as data analytics software and cloud-based tools for data centers.

Meanwhile, insurance provider Prudential Financial Inc (PRU) missed analysts’ second-quarter profit estimates, last trading at a healthy price-to-earnings of 7.80.

Merger costs at Gannett Company Inc (GCI), the publisher of USA TODAY and other local media properties, could bring down its fourth-quarter profit below expectations. After meeting profit targets, shares of CBS Corp (CBS) climbed $0.69 or 1.61% to $43.57 in aftermarket trading Thursday, February 11. Also in this blog story, take a look at the somewhat fading allure of an online game creator and unsullied housing firms.

Government securities of growing popularity, in view of the Fed’s rate hike in December 2015, are comprised in mutual funds such as: American Century Government Bond Investor (CPTNX), BNY Mellon Short-Term US Government Securities M (MPSUX), and Hartford US Government Securities HLS IA (HAUSX).

The U.S. government has thrown the notion of “negative” interest rates, about to flip-flop lots of valuations.

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With respect to economy incentives one should not underestimate policies elaborated by The White House.

In a proposed income tax expansion, the tax credit for workers who are not raising children could be cut off to a maximum of about $1,022 a year. The incentive should cover workers with earnings up to $18,180 for a single person per year, compared to the current $15,040. Eligibility could be expanded to singles of age 24 to 21; currently they must be 25 to qualify.

In addition, the U.S. government plans over the next decade to raise $319 billion via its oil tax plan, and this amount is now based on prices of $10.25 a barrel compared to $10 posted last week. The average oil reserves are estimated at $10 billion barrels a day in 2026 from $4 billion barrels a day in 2022. A proposed fee of $10.25 a barrel would be charged.

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Quantity Leads

Europe and Japan ramped up quantitative easing in 2015, while stocks combined clocked no gains in the U.S. Central banks are still to stimulate the economy deemed standard monetary policy would become ineffective or temporary constituent of changes. When short-term interest rates approach zero, monetary authorities thereby are buying assets but decrease their yield reflecting lower longer-term rates as well.

In quantitative comparison, U.S. stocks jumped 12% in 2014 and 32% in the prior year.

Financials, utilities, and health care equity holdings are for now kept in the shorting trench on more optimistic expectations by many economists. Both winning and losing stocks are posted in this blog.

Technology will continue to lead the headlines with upgrades across various levels, broadly speaking (1) software, hardware, and semiconductors on the one hand, and (2) electronics, vehicles, infrastructure, factory customization and online commerce on the other.

Few stocks to watch are Adobe Systems Inc (ADBE), ARM Holdings plc (ARMH), Arrow Electronics Inc (ARW), Broadcom Corp (BRCM), GigOptix Inc. (GIG), and Pericom Semiconductor Corp (PSEM). Visual computing company NVIDIA Corp (NVDA) gained +6.06% in the past six months.

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Back to Strength

ServiceNow Inc (NOW) provides automated and IT services to businesses, and reached its all-time high of $91.28 on the stock market in early December. The stock now trading at $52.31 is open to a more attractive risk-to-reward purchasing balance.

Gilead Sciences Inc (GILD), the biotech giant with patent medicines is a very appealing pick for income investors. The stock price has declined significantly from its 52-week high of $123.37 per share.

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Inc (KKD), the branded retailer and wholesaler of doughnuts, beverages, and treats and packaged sweets, had its stock plunge -24% in 2015. Given cyclical industry swings, Krispy may need to grow exising shops, not add new locations.

Zagg Inc (ZAGG) makes protective coverings for phones, tablets, notebooks, and watches. Trading at $9.22, this small-cap stock is up +19.77% in the past six months through February 5.

In latest stimulus news, the Japanese government has helped businesses deal with the threat of deflation. On January 29th, for the first time in its history, the central bank adopted negative interest rates by cutting the bank reserves rate to -0.1%.

Now almost a quarter of the world’s gross combined product comes from countries with negative rates including Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland. However, banks that are not profitable might not add to the capital buffers that let them operate safely, the said.