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Quantity Leads

Europe and Japan ramped up quantitative easing in 2015, while stocks combined clocked no gains in the U.S. Central banks are still to stimulate the economy deemed standard monetary policy would become ineffective or temporary constituent of changes. When short-term interest rates approach zero, monetary authorities thereby are buying assets but decrease their yield reflecting lower longer-term rates as well.

In quantitative comparison, U.S. stocks jumped 12% in 2014 and 32% in the prior year.

Financials, utilities, and health care equity holdings are for now kept in the shorting trench on more optimistic expectations by many economists. Both winning and losing stocks are posted in this blog.

Technology will continue to lead the headlines with upgrades across various levels, broadly speaking (1) software, hardware, and semiconductors on the one hand, and (2) electronics, vehicles, infrastructure, factory customization and online commerce on the other.

Few stocks to watch are Adobe Systems Inc (ADBE), ARM Holdings plc (ARMH), Arrow Electronics Inc (ARW), Broadcom Corp (BRCM), GigOptix Inc. (GIG), and Pericom Semiconductor Corp (PSEM). Visual computing company NVIDIA Corp (NVDA) gained +6.06% in the past six months.



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