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With respect to economy incentives one should not underestimate policies elaborated by The White House.

In a proposed income tax expansion, the tax credit for workers who are not raising children could be cut off to a maximum of about $1,022 a year. The incentive should cover workers with earnings up to $18,180 for a single person per year, compared to the current $15,040. Eligibility could be expanded to singles of age 24 to 21; currently they must be 25 to qualify.

In addition, the U.S. government plans over the next decade to raise $319 billion via its oil tax plan, and this amount is now based on prices of $10.25 a barrel compared to $10 posted last week. The average oil reserves are estimated at $10 billion barrels a day in 2026 from $4 billion barrels a day in 2022. A proposed fee of $10.25 a barrel would be charged.



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