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Below $5

Anadigics Inc (ANAD) now sits at $0.75 per share as the integrated circuits maker is to get acquired by private company GaAs Labs LLC for 35 cents a share. A competing bidder may offer 78 cents a fully-diluted share in cash. Anadigics has been incurring losses over the last few quarters and its revenues have dropped.

Net loss in the third quarter narrowed to -$6.16 million from -$6.67 a year ago while revenues fell to $12.12 million from $18.87 million.

XLI Technologies Inc (XLIT) currently sits at $1.03 per share as the printed light sheets provider expects shares to rebound. Founded in 2015 and backed by Hollywood media experts, XLIT has exclusive distribution rights to the U.S. entertainment industry and the automotive industry. A target price of $2.60+ is seen upon second-round share unloading, and +$3 along with its December sales statement.



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