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Supply Chain Skills

Supply-chain managers in manufacturing industries have progressed with unique skills, while the sector is deploying the latest advanced technologies such as the Internet-of-things, new software, smart controls and switches. However, a mere two percent of total employees involved in material handling and logistics are people under the age of 30. Because many skilled professionals from the Baby Boomer generation are headed to retire, more young people need to join the supply chain businesses and develop managerial skills.

According to Cisco Systems Inc (CSCO), an estimated 50 billion devices will be Internet-connected by 2020. Therefore network protection methods are very important. “Manufacturers of original equipment and end users both realize the resource optimization benefits from reduced commissioning times achievable with the digital, distributed motion network,” Yaskawa America Inc wrote on its Drives and Motion Division webpage. International sales of robots topped $10.7 billion in 2014 with China, the U.S., Japan, Korea and Germany accounting for 70% of the market.



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