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U.S. 10,153 Stocks

When sifting through the U.S. 10,153 stocks, advisers look around lots of rocks, such as for example the big discount price of The Merck Group (MRK:GR), down -16.82% year to date to 74.50 euro, on the Athens Stock Exchange in Europe. Shares of the same healthcare company at $52.83 have marked zero or +0.02% year-to-date return on the New York Stock Exchange.

While Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp (9432:JP) scooped double-digit gains on the American securities market, the telecom and data provider gained only +3.76% year-to-date to 5,018 yen in Tokyo.

Among cyclical stocks, Hyatt Hotels Corp (H) is up +2.45% to $47.28 on the month as the hotel owner uses cash to re-invest in new hotel portfolio opportunities. Mexico City is its new market where Hyatt did not focus on five years ago, and the company established the Park Hyatt in New York and a big hotel in Orlando as well, while disposing other properties.



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