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Mixed Confidence

Fewer U.K.-listed companies issued profit warnings during the first quarter due to optimism of higher oil prices, Ernst & Young LLP said. Support services, general retailers and media were among the sectors that warned the most. The second half of the year for U.K. and Ireland could see rushing flows in new debt, equity issues and other deals.

Bank of Japan is meeting on Wednesday, April 27 and economists will discuss the impact of “a stronger yen,” equally important as most worldwide geopolitical tensions and routes.

Buckeye Partners LP (BPL) shares last fell 0.73% or 52 cents to $70.42 in expectation of first-quarter 2015 results for the energy company on May 6. The stock is still trading way below levels printed in May of last year.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV (FCAU) lost 2.51% or 21 cents to $7.97 in New York on Monday after losses last week. The stock dropped 2.7%  on the five days before its earnings report on Tuesday.



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