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Point of Saturation

In a revival sign for technology-related stocks, international indices hosting major tech-weighed companies advanced on Tuesday, after the Nasdaq 100 closed up 0.39% or 17 points to 4370 on Monday and in Toronto the S&P/TSX gained 0.74% or 102.26 to 13,919.58.

The MSCI AC Asia Pacific index gained 0.39% or 49 points to 126.13, the Hang Seng logged up 0.11% or 21.40 to 19,830.43 Tuesday afternoon in Hong Kong, and other indexes slumped following the release of unfavorable economic sentiment data in Japan.

Global wealth may be shifting to a different ranking of the topmost and richest cities in the world, and over the next decade the new topmost cities could be Doha in Kuwait, Bergen and Trondheim in Norway, Asan in South Korea, Rhein-Ruhr in Germany, and Macau in China, according to an EU website.



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