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Online Learning

Learning English (ESL) fifteen years ago was possible in a visit-a-school classroom as well as by taking courses after travelling to an English-speaking country. The use of Internet has of course changed that set regardless of its somewhat twitched settlement and often contradictory impact related to identity, privacy and socializing. The concept of online learning has long been in the works, just as Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates had foreseen the emergence and popularity of real-time sport commentaries by various users and the customized business software behind it to carry out remote projects. Innovation opened the door to welcome and involve more partners, clients and ideas than possible through events based on meetings, conferences and seminars.

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Bulgaria: EU’s Parking Lot

A decade since Bulgaria entered the European Union and the economic process and status of the country has appeared into a complete varied direction in comparison to the Eastern European counterparts that had already introduced the common euro currency. Separately analyzing corruption and aging of population, it has become all too obvious to any close-observe mindset that swelling Parliament seats and numerous branch agencies, including ministries that do not make sense, in addition to a gradual loss of literacy and basic competencies across the nation have created a devastating revamp balloon, now only calling for outside help. The main reasons for Bulgaria to be heading into different development pathways have to do with a booming immigration level, duplicate service sector and vague agriculture effect.