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Integral Textbook

An experimental secondary school project in Bulgaria has envisioned a paperback hardcover integral textbook to contain a full range of scientific fields into one textbook for each working day separately i.e.

Textbook Monday

Textbook Tuesday

Textbook Wednesday

Textbook Thursday

Textbook Friday

Voluntarily, students of age twelve to fourteen may decide whether to take it home every day or keep in at the school’s facility. One of multiple goals to achieve is minimizing the amount of photos and pictures in study material related to foreign language learning among many other areas while synchronizing contents with multimedia streaming and archived data.

Content chunks in follow-up subsequent chapters have been separated by subject matter colors: red “Mathematics”, yellow “Nature and Science”, green “Bulgarian language and literature, brown “History and Civilization”, white “Music”, etc. In this way additional interest selective learning time could be introduced to get acquainted with basic Turkish, Greek, Serbian, Macedonian and Romanian — languages to conceptualize on territorial vicinity.