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Integral Textbook

An experimental secondary school project in Bulgaria has envisioned a paperback hardcover integral textbook to contain a full range of scientific fields into one textbook for each working day separately i.e.

Textbook Monday

Textbook Tuesday

Textbook Wednesday

Textbook Thursday

Textbook Friday

Voluntarily, students of age twelve to fourteen may decide whether to take it home every day or keep in at the school’s facility. One of multiple goals to achieve is minimizing the amount of photos and pictures in study material related to foreign language learning among many other areas while synchronizing contents with multimedia streaming and archived data.

Content chunks in follow-up subsequent chapters have been separated by subject matter colors: red “Mathematics”, yellow “Nature and Science”, green “Bulgarian language and literature, brown “History and Civilization”, white “Music”, etc. In this way additional interest selective learning time could be introduced to get acquainted with basic Turkish, Greek, Serbian, Macedonian and Romanian — languages to conceptualize on territorial vicinity.

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Subscribers have long been tapping on prolific database of fact and insight with connected libraries and school and community projects.  When it comes down to information being delivered free of charge, resources are abundant too – in relation to a complete range of literary and lecture work and stemming from past century’s unique theme of offering definite lifestyle advice on well being and niches of life, to mirror activities at interest clubs in one way or another. English readers around the world are familiar with writings developed by American motivational author Louise Lynn Hay, who has authored several New Thought self-help books, including the 1984 book, You Can Heal Your Life. Interestingly along likewise lines, aired videos with learning material draw on in great detail round and about concepts ranging from marketing, psychology, food and health to bottom-up focus on How to write comedy, being broadcast not only by associates and speakers from top universities but also as part of projects released by companies like Barron’s educational series, BBC learning online and TED-Ed. Similar to audiences in the actual lecture halls where video lessons are created, remote commitment to prepared content and explicit advice can turn up a quite enjoyable pastime into areas of history, science and information technology, to name a few.

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„Тази НЕПОБЕДИМ ГЕРОЙ книга печели от това, че е написана в добрите традиции на детското щастие и не посегателството върху правото на човека по всяко време да промени нещо така, че да защити фамилните или личностните знания, както и престоя и движенията на собственото си пространството … книга, с която читателя ще се чувства уютно в процесите и на говоренето, и на абсолютната тишина.” — Професор Славея Здравкова

„Продължението на трилогията съдържа писма от ада …” — Владимир Балкански, писател и критик

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IN & OUT / До утре

Изключих се от Интернет и станах още по напет

починах си кръстословици реших  по пейките лафове навих

направо като от вино и ракия се напих

че чак въздухът се разлюля.

Приятелят доведе и довежда

надежда, жажда всеки ден, цигари

ново десет ми достави, видях доброто лотарията ли пак удари

Дечица, бабички, чичовци игрички —

търпение се иска желанията на спокойствие да се развяват

не толкоз врачки крачки лафове срички забележки, а крила.

Готината стара песента се скри

токът вече на гаси –

гости, чужденци, сухари

оазисът поля сърцето сосът мрежа ни попари

после по семейните войни Дидо Нова серия участници заби

ремонтът на твоята глава очевидно че ще продължи

правилно оградения си щит да изградя докато

денонощно от хорото играта се подхвана

но ето че готов отново ти от пет часа още ли да стана и до пет ли ще остана

излюпена като кокошка … и  да куцукам ли сега до президентската спасителна кола?

Диетата върти се посоката избира тук храни

там желязна телешката лента по свитъка лети, а тялото ти си лежи

много образи, а предавателно скулптурата е една

ще се местя от парковото пространство към изгрева небесен

да избяга кражба и отвличане с деца тотално си отвлечен

после пред кабинета още хапчета да купя

до утре и така

не забравих че избрах теб пред тишината

после винаги ще мога хапчетата думите ти да сменя;

днес на плуване не ще отида, ами грима по очите продължава

размазан, а след малко увеселен … и по цял ден ще си кукувам

защото в крайна сметка камерите гледат ни децата най-добре.

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ESL Grade Sixth

When testing English grammar skills, sixth grade students go through preparation books that contain as many sample tests as possible. These tests 6th grade16th grade2 and 6th grade3 are recent additions to the English language program at public schools in Bulgaria.

Vocabulary testing has included the following three review excercises: ESL Elective 5th Grade1ESL Elective 5th Grade2 and ESL Elective 5th Grade3.

To differenciate between abbreviations and acronyms, learners have begun to coin acronyms at their own leisure time as for example in 6th grade ESL01 Elective and 6th grade ESL02 Elective. A self-practice excercise as preceded by brainstorming may let each learner look at the dictionary section of the school’s textbook and optionally at a brought-in data with English idioms.

Learners of English as a second language make a list of their strengths and weaknesses, respectively achievements and things that they have not been proud about themselves, family and friends. They go through this language practice every week and talk out — in about six to ten full sentences — where they stand and how they have felt recently.

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Skype Teen

The top three most purchased and widely discussed sporting season gifts in 2017 in Bulgaria got ranked as follows: Skype Teen.

Meanwhile at public secondary schools in Bulgaria, students signed in to prepare  Power Point lectures to be presented to fifth graders and friends and classmates who are no younger than fifth grade.

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Private Property & the Price of Public Secondary Schools

The question of whether Bulgaria needs to boost investment in human resources and the minimum monthly pension has been receiving a definite confirmative answer. This is as evidently urgent as the functionality of online government and cash-related consumption as a result of the basic survival pyramid of everyday life priorities.

„The concept of fast cash credit from banks and institutes is about to lose popularity and market share,” experts said.

Instead, buying stocks and bonds into newly sold public property and organizations is expected to increase the inaccessible property areas and so yield precedence to a continued resulting profit from (1) fees, (2) multimedia production and (3) recordings of historic, theoretic and pragmatic value.

Included in the list of desired locations to be purchased are not only ski and seaside resorts but renovated public secondary schools too, according to small-business owners and mutual fund owners.

Journalists and police reps have already actively participated in the non-government sector to provide for a widespread educational civic effect of how to protect humans, the environment and properties and how to understand and possibly resolve conflicts from early age. In other words every fifth person in Bulgaria is half-way competent to undertake the roles of a facilitator, journalist and policeman.

Therefore such competent human resource and social media programs will continue to develop into diversely prioritized routes with that aiming to (1) diminish vehicle traffic to accessible sporting installation, (2) reduce hazardous packages of small food items like chocolate bars and potatoe chips and (3) expand affordable local meals, drinks, books, medicines, dental care.

„By having a tray of muffins in the classroom every day, we don’t have to go to the supermarket and the bakery every thirty minutes,” a student said. „The daily program is very busy and we enjoy the lunch recess greatly. My teammates and I have voted to use the water machine thoughout the day to drink water and to bring hot chocolate or sugar-free drinks to prepare as well.”

The latter referee has entailed that some students had to supply themselves with solid-lid water plastic mugs, allowed to be carried with them in the study hall and used during workshops, team work i.e. active and passive learning time.


„During our school time in enterpreneurship we have initiated a couple of very interesting and useful lessons,” students told their parents. One workshop plan is focused on how to make a wooden box to keep the Kleenex tissues in the classroom. One more suggestion involves how to sew cardigan studs ( ) in the shapes of motor-lorry, basketball and football.

In a campain to recycle, the students have recorded some of their own initiatives by using a Samsung cassette camera while also added a few table tennis and badminton tools on the bookshelves to be deployed permanently.

During a sample full-time learning program with students fifth and sixth grade, parents have recycled a printer with scan-and-copy functions to be used during afternoon study hours. This initiative is an attempt to organize the “take-your-turn method” of learning how to print and scan pictures and written text. Senior teachers from morning tutor sessions can in this way give timely assignments to each student and/or team with regard to afternoon reminder tasks to be completed with this media tool.

Students’ opinion on accessing a paperback edition of monthly magazines with interschool information from all regions in Bulgaria has got some affirmative feedback in relation to fables, essays, math problems, advertisements and schedule of events (

Efforts to welcome exchange students from foreign-speaking and neighboring countires have resulted in start-up foreign-language conversation and knowledge of basic phrases because some children from bilingual or immigrant families have led non-translated story-telling sessions in front of their Bulgarian host team.